During 2016 KLDFAS worked on a Young Arts project for primary school children.

The plan was for Year 6 children to design and make a felted picture which would then be hung in a public art exhibition. It was hoped that in visiting their own work in the exhibition the children would see other exhibits, in a number of different media, being valued by the wider community, proving that art is part of adult life as well as a school experience.

West Winch Primary School was chosen as Art did not feature in its Ofsted report and it was the school nearest to KLDFAS’s meeting place. An artist was commissioned to work with the school to design, make and finish a felted picture. The project was difficult to get off the ground. It was a struggle to get any response from the school, and even harder to persuade WNAA to hang the work. However, eventually it all came together.

Sue Welfare, artist, was commissioned to design the work, based on the theme ‘Greek Myths’ to tie in with the children’s studies, and led the young artists from basic fleece to felted hanging in one absorbing day. The completed art work was then hung in the West Norfolk Artists’ Association Summer Exhibition during the King’s Lynn Festival.

Over 1000 people were able to admire a felt wall hanging produced by thirty four Year 6 pupils from West Winch. The young people could bring friends and relatives to see their achievement. Finally, the hanging has been given pride of place in West Winch Primary School as a permanent exhibit of the children’s creative efforts.

Kate Parker