Conserving our past, securing our future

Heritage Volunteers are looking forward to working at Holkham Hall this autumn on a new project.  A very large tapestry has been water damaged and requires restorative work after specialist cleaning in Belgium.  The work will be carried out in cooperation with the National Trust and it is likely to be a long term project, as the tapestry is so big. 

It has been decided by the National Trust that our work in the library at Oxburgh Hall will continue this winter, while the roof repairs are carried out. The 10 TASKL volunteers will clean all the coverings of the books, both silk and Melinex, any books which are not covered and all the shelves. Yearly cleaning of the books themselves is not advised, providing they are properly protected.

Eventually the plan is to cover all the books with a special green-brown silk, which is almost invisible when laid correctly over the profile of each shelf. We have the measurements and the silk and the NT is investigating a suitable and cost-effective method of cutting it.

If you are interested in joining the Heritage Volunteers, please contact: Gillian Savage, Heritage Volunteer Organiser 01553 673 415 or