During the summer term of 2019, Young Arts volunteers led a series of workshops for all pupils of Whitefriars Church of England Primary Academy, King's Lynn.

420 children had the opportunity to experiment with applying poster, powder, acrylic and watercolour paint in a variety of ways. To achieve texture, glue, sand, lentils, couscous and salt were added to the paints and toothbrushes, sponges, combs, pipettes and fingers were used to apply the paints.

Each group of children had a different subject based on the overall theme of 'Water' - The Seaside, Under the Sea, The King's Lynn Panorama and abstract images of Water.

The work was displayed in The Hanse House Gallery, King's Lynn for three days and the exhibition was stewarded by Arts Society volunteers.  School timetabled classes to walk to the Gallery and the children were excited to see their work exhibited in a 'real' exhibition.  Many commented on the building and the gallery space.

Members of the public and children added complimentary comments in the Visitors Book provided.  The Headteacher and Staff agreed that this was a rewarding experience for the children and a worthwhile community project between Whitefriars School and the Arts Society.

In November 2019, Norfolk Music Hub is arranging for 600 children from across the county to attend the Royal Albert Hall for 'A Kind of Magic Flute'.  The children will be singing a 12 minute extract from this new opera.  The Arts Society King's Lynn has funded the opportunity for 18 pupils from Dersingham Primary School and 10 children and support staff from Churchill Park Complex Needs School, King's Lynn to take part in this project.