What are Church Recorders?

Church Recorders are members of The Arts Society King's Lynn who have an interest in preserving important artefacts and providing archival material for future researchers.  They compile a full record of the contents of churches of all religions, to promote recognition and preservation of the rich artistic heritage in places of worship.  They are not necessarily experts in any particular subject but are willing to learn and increase their expertise.  Training and expert advice are available for members who would like to participate in recording a church.

Participating churches are presented with an illustrated book detailing each item and its history.  Copies are sent to English Heritage National Archive, Church House, the V&A Library and local Archives.

The Arts Society Records benefit:

  • the church authorities who have a complete furnishing record.
  • the police who use our accurate description and photographs to help recover and identify retrieved stolen artefacts.
  • insurance companies who use our records to identify items.
  • researchers who are producing these and books on allied subjects.


Current Work

The record of All Saints, Narborough, was presented to a packed Benefice Service on July 7th this year.  We are very grateful for the support of Canon Nairn and his church warden in our task of recording such an interesting and beautiful church.

The Church Recorders Group celebrated the completion of the Narborough Record with a Barbeque at Thornham.

The ground work of the Record of St Faith's Church, Gaywood, in King's Lynn, is now complete and the formal Record is being compiled.  Church Recorders have had a summer break while we complete the work at Gaywood, but on August 27th we had a visit and a tour to Walsingham.

Future Plans

Following the restoration of All Saints', Waterden - near Walsingham - we are planniong a Record of this tiny isolated church before we start at St Mary the Virgin, Sedgeford.  This a round tower church and the first of its type that we have recorded.  Please join us if you are interested.  

Alison Wakes-Miller