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Chairman's Letter
Friday 31 August 2018

I hope you have been enjoying the  summer and are now looking forward to the new lecture season, the first under our new name, The Arts Society King's Lynn.

I am sure that most of you are by now used to seeing the new name of our national body incorporated in everything that comes from them, including the magazine in its new format, catchily named ”The Arts Society Magazine”.   I am assured that we are moving with the times!

Last season's lectures went down very well and we have another great programme for this season which we hope will be equally stimulating.  The number of guests at our lectures last season was most welcome.  Some have since joined as new members and we are holding a New Members event on the 4th October in the Family Room at the Farmers Arms at Knights Hill, which is also open to any recent joiners who would like to know a little more about what we do.

On the subject of Lectures however, I do need to issue a Red Alert! Because of a change in railway timetables, it is necessary for our Programme Secretary to get the lecturers who come by train, which accounts for most of them, back to the station at Downham Market much earlier than of late, to catch the 3.58pm, which means they will have to finish their lecture promptly by 3.15.and sadly keep the number of floor questions  well under control.

This in turn means I will have to start any Notices earlier and certainly by 2.05.  I do therefore need to ask you to be in your seats in good time to enable that to work.  You will all know how distracting it must be for latecomers to arrive, particularly for the lecturer, when the lights are already down and seats have to be found, so I am sure you will make that special effort to make sure the late arriver is not you!

Having got that over with, let's return to what we have been doing and what we are planning, as well as the lectures.

I am pleased to say that we are off to a flying start on the Young Arts front, with a visit for a number of children to the recent exhibition at Houghton Hall, the childrens' responses to which will feature on the notice board at our September lecture and others should be in the pipeline soon. In the meantime, all the work that has been put into creating the Childrens' Trail (we are no longer allowed to call it a Church Trail!) at All Saints Church King's Lynn should soon bear fruit.

I see that last year at this time we were shortly off to Northern Ireland, and planning the 2018 tour for Cardiff and South Wales.  The Northern Ireland tour went well, but we had to postpone the Welsh tour despite early planning as we were not able to get the accommodation we wanted at an acceptable date, so we are off to Krakow instead!  Castles and Cardiff is now planned for 22nd to 26th September 2019 and will be marketed after everyone has had a chance to get their breath back.  I hope it will prove popular as these tours are another excellent way of exploring with familiar and new friends, as well as helping with Society funds and also because after 6 years I will be hoping someone else will be taking on the organisation.  It really is not that onerous as I receive a great deal of help from Tailored Travel who do most of the work, while the support I receive from the members makes it all very worth while.  However, I have other things demanding attention and you could all do with seeing a different face!  This does not need to be a committee job, so will volunteers please form an orderly queue!

Indeed on the subject of volunteers let me do my usual  reminder that we are always on the lookout for members who may have something to offer, whether simply their time, or a particular skill, eg. with accounts, event organising, helping to promote art projects for young people or things we have not even  considered, to help to make the Society work.  This can be at committee level but does not always need to be, so why not ask and give us a try.

We are currently planning our new visits programme and our team has already been out checking on the Rennie Mackintosh House in Northampton, to tie in with our February lecture.

One date I can give you for your diaries is the 7th December 2018, for our Advent Lunch.  This appeared to go well in The Great Barn at Knights Hill last year, so we have re-booked it, and booking details will come out in due course but we hope to see you well before then.

Looking forward to a good season with you all.


Chris Cawthorne. September 2018