Welcome to The Arts Society King's Lynn

We are an autonomous body, founded in 1989, one of several hundred affiliated to The Arts Society (TAS) which has existed for nearly 50 years  through the UK and abroad and has a total affiliate membership not far short of 100,000.  The societies' aims are to advance decorative and fine arts appreciation and education, alongside promoting the conservation of our artistic heritage.

Our core activity is the delivery of illustrated lectures by TAS accredited lecturers on a monthly basis from September to May which are held at the William Burt Centre at West Winch at 2.15 on the 2nd Thursday of the month.  These produce a wonderful and eclectic mix of what we seek to embrace.

These are supplemented by occasional Study Days or visits, on a local or area basis, where a chosen subject is explored in greater depth.

We also have 2 specialist groups, being Church Recorders which work locally recording the fabric and contents of our local churches and Heritage Volunteers whose members offer their skills to organisations in the community, including National Trust, on matters such as fabric and book preservation.  In addition we have a small non-specialist Art Group, which enables members to meet and produce their own work.  All of these groups are very happy to have new members.

We also endeavour to support Young Arts in the locality where suitable projects can be identified, and we remain on the lookout for where we can further this important work.

Our social side is particularly important, and although many members are content with attending such lectures as they are able, we also have outings from time to time to places of interest such as galleries, gardens, important houses, and visits to theatres and concerts, together with an Advent Lunch.  We also have tours, usually on an annual basis, which in the recent past have included foreign trips to the Netherlands, Spain, France and Russia, and domestic trips to Winchester and Isle of Wight, Derbyshire and Northumberland.  The next is in October 2017 to Northern Ireland, including the Titanic Exhibition.

Between them, these activities are a great way to learn, have fun, and make new and lasting friendships.

I should tell you that because some people have found the title of NADFAS confusing and no longer appropriate, it has been decided at national level that we shall all be the subject of a re-branding exercise!  This is a process which is likely to come to a conclusion very shortly, but whatever the name we shall have to get used to, you may be assured that we shall remain the same body and that we still look forward to welcoming the interested and curious  as members or as guests at any of our lectures or other activities.

Chris Cawthorne. Chairman.


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